A poem for peace

When the walls come cracking

And the children wailing

All girls and boys shouting                                     

The women are fainting

The blast is sounding

And the chaos looming



In the centre of a war pending

The smiles of humanity ending

Some men are hiding

Thoughts of their children dying

Other men do the blasting

With heavy arms destroying

The milk in the heart is drying

The veins of comrades are shedding


And the centre not Imageholding

The devil is within and laughing

Ideals of brotherhood is perishing

Will it continue forever unending?

For today’s doings

Tomorrow’s misdeeds, surely appalling

Waters of destruction unrelenting

Love, mercy and pity fast vanishing

The crowd is dispersing

Innocent children enduring

The blood spill truly unforgiving

The earth is soiled and decaying

With human blood sorrowing

Let some true joy come rising

And hands be holding

For unity to start living

On the land of the beings