NaPoWriMo Day 11

Wake up

That is the barn that I peeped through

Look at the sky so blue

The ground I swept yet dirty

Wasted energy feels so guilty

Recounting my toil

I see the bareness in the soil

I thought I had thrived

But my labour deprived

The lands of my ancestors

My dreams, I hope it restores

All day I work to reap something

Yet I have achieved nothing

The continent of my forefathers

Wake up from your slumber

If we die in chains

You will weigh the gains

For greed in the lane

Our advancement its bane

Let not delusion sink our nation


In this you have carved a foundation

Tongues are wagging

Blood is dripping

Your people are crying

The torture is penetrating

Give us life, to rise and reach

A world of timeless breed

Time has gone past

Let’s shed the days of doom cast

To live a world of glory and honour

Which you alone can such harbour