Procrastination belittles your imagination

How many times have you reminded yourself about that project or goal you’ve just put on hold or shoved off? How many appointments have you called off or simply ignored because you thought it was better scheduled for later, possibly another time more suitable or appropriate? I will remind you in case you forget, how many of such shoved goals have you been able to achieve? Of course; there may never be a suitable time until you are ready to make one available.

 When you begin to postpone project start date, shift appointment time unjustifiably, and make alterations on your ‘to-do’ list without concrete actions, you will be alarmed when you look back at time, realizing how needlessly, you have put it to so much misuse.

 Now and then, when you are planning to postpone a project or a goal you want to embark on, tell yourself “it’s time I stopped procrastinating this project”. Create a purpose and find a true reason for wanting that goal, and let that be an inspiration or a driving force to aid you through the path of success. Build a presence for your goal and attune your mind to feel that presence. This sort of feeling could indeed produce an action that could make that massive difference you’ve always craved. So, rather than sit on your marvellous dreams and aspirations all in the name of some flimsy excuses, that you may never get over, until you are prepared to do so, begin to step above your fear and step right into plane of success and achievement, feel and smell the air around you and notice what it feels like, having achieved that goal.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone to achieve what you feel, and until that step is taken, the feeling, may well just be as meaningless.

 At this point, when you finally decide to take action, recognising and nurturing the feeling of power and positivity comes as important as actually stepping out to make those very first crucial moves. Whether what you need to do, is drafting a list of requirements, set out and plan your goals and objectives in a smart, realistic and chronological order, or even a phone call to get it all started; putting in a meaningful action, is definitely a critical step to take, if your dream must become a reality.

 No doubt many people procrastinate due to a general blame on time or sometimes, lack of fund to execute their projects or manage their goals. However, in true practicalities these more often than not, are not genuine reasons those projects could not be implemented. This is because it takes determination, courage, creativity and commitment to find ways of reaching a dream land, rather than waiting endlessly in sheer expectation without any invention, to clear a regular conventional path. Always blame yourself and nothing else, anytime you procrastinate on your goals needlessly. For you to achieve anything , you must be prepared to take actions, face challenges and also take risks at every single stage in developing, planning and achieving your goals. It must be noted that it is not the grandest of actions that will make things happen, rather, it is the positive, regular, focused tiny steps you begin to take that defines where and how your dreams will lead. Knowing how to formulate your actions for successful implementation of your plans is highly important, with an added tint of creativity in manipulating whatever comes your way. Use every opportunity you get to your advantage as much as you can, and most of all, your determination to succeed, will be a platform to build your actions and thoughts on.