What can you do?


What can you do?

Make your fingers grow even?

Mould your head most lovely?

Let your words visible?

Or your fate much florid!

Maybe you think you’re wild, weird or wide

Take my life and make it

Build my liver blood stained

let my heart shiver, then I quiver

filter the seas and make salt-free

why don’t you quieten sea tide, and

make stagnant waters flow over bank

The mountains let them skip

The rainfall sing, sunshine shed tears

Why not paint me with the moon,

And tie me round with the wind?

The blue sky, the day, and the night?

Think ‘bout all these

You know WHAT?


Damaging moment

Damaging moment

Each dawn, I bathe in the warmth of the sun

And draggle my energy striking the wave of the wind

A trip to the North Pole every week,

Only soothe of the scorching sun of winter

Oh! How I love of the slides in the mud

That of my existence it swells

With an innocence so horrid with joyful shrieks

My quadruple heads, such make me perfect

A best friend of mine, with eight legs

So pretty we show, before our fellow humans

NaPoWriMo Day 15



Mind trudge

I went up north in a random spot bound

And back south, I zoomed in the space of time

Growing amidst fury my shadow drowned


My soul shriveled as I drank of its crime

Beneath my conscious breadth my being shrunk

Sneaking through a mind trudge, so stiff the climb


Missing the trials I stayed a lone monk

Within shrubs, a way out remained a dream

 As I linger my pretence merely stunk




NaPoWriMo Day 14

A Paper on th wall


A brash paper hanging on the wall

Swaying its flap like doing a dance

Sparkly though, yet defacing the hall


Round the corner a spiralling hook

Carelessly hung to soil its solace

Filled with contempt its every word shook


A brash paper hanging on the wall

Trailing its prints in brocade advance

Sparkly though, yet defacing the hall

NaPoWriMo Day 13

Season of sincerity

Look up to the tepid skies

The dragon hums of lofty size

Beneath the hollow scary squeeze

Vibrated a mournfully sweet sleaze

Stirring the sea-steed venally –vain

In an open air with shuddery- chain

Swiftly arousing a turbulent pane

With no ears for the boarders pain

Leaning over to the moon’s edge

Upon a gloomy space I made a pledge

Of courage though among pretence

Solely, that some season of sincerity commence


NaPoWriMo Day 12

When the messenger arrives

Arrives the messenger

The news of the trodden town

Sunrise through dawn

Cycle bemoans the villager


On the day of big traverse

Ablaze be put the world

From dream vine through life

The consciousness betrays


Darkness lit through faces

So cold hanging from bracing sorrow

Blurry insights amidst tear drops

Till our days come it burdens on ages

NaPoWriMo Day 11

Wake up

That is the barn that I peeped through

Look at the sky so blue

The ground I swept yet dirty

Wasted energy feels so guilty

Recounting my toil

I see the bareness in the soil

I thought I had thrived

But my labour deprived

The lands of my ancestors

My dreams, I hope it restores

All day I work to reap something

Yet I have achieved nothing

The continent of my forefathers

Wake up from your slumber

If we die in chains

You will weigh the gains

For greed in the lane

Our advancement its bane

Let not delusion sink our nation


In this you have carved a foundation

Tongues are wagging

Blood is dripping

Your people are crying

The torture is penetrating

Give us life, to rise and reach

A world of timeless breed

Time has gone past

Let’s shed the days of doom cast

To live a world of glory and honour

Which you alone can such harbour

NaPoWriMo Day 9

Going Over

Going over the flickers of the night past,

A trembling shriek slid through my vein

And my heart beat again with a blast

My feelings scattered

Rendering its redemption song

Like a coat of many colours it flattered

On the verge of reality it’s all wrong

The story of my life fills through so rife

A poem for peace

When the walls come cracking

And the children wailing

All girls and boys shouting                                     

The women are fainting

The blast is sounding

And the chaos looming



In the centre of a war pending

The smiles of humanity ending

Some men are hiding

Thoughts of their children dying

Other men do the blasting

With heavy arms destroying

The milk in the heart is drying

The veins of comrades are shedding


And the centre not Imageholding

The devil is within and laughing

Ideals of brotherhood is perishing

Will it continue forever unending?

For today’s doings

Tomorrow’s misdeeds, surely appalling

Waters of destruction unrelenting

Love, mercy and pity fast vanishing

The crowd is dispersing

Innocent children enduring

The blood spill truly unforgiving

The earth is soiled and decaying

With human blood sorrowing

Let some true joy come rising

And hands be holding

For unity to start living

On the land of the beings