Hi, my name is Mutiat Adebowale. I am a life/business coach and a creative writer. I certainly have a deep passion for writing! Ahh.., not just that, seeking and sharing knowledge, exploring ways to be more meaningful and having clear vision of purposeful are what have kept me moving. This blog is about motivating and inspiring readers with my posts and being inspired by other people who read my posts.

All it takes is will… is my blog for my creative works. Initially, I was using it for my personal development and small business posts, but I moved that here. In this blog, I write my poems, short stories, thoughts, and everything around that.

After I published my first anthology of poems, I dwindled in balance and my inspiration waned. Excuses of time, work, family etc, over took my sincere passion for writing but somehow, I have managed to crawl back to my roots.

Life is a learning field, where you may never stop learning, so as I go on, I will write and share my knowledge of old and new. I hope you enjoy reading my posts.
Happy reading!

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