What can you do?


What can you do?

Make your fingers grow even?

Mould your head most lovely?

Let your words visible?

Or your fate much florid!

Maybe you think you’re wild, weird or wide

Take my life and make it

Build my liver blood stained

let my heart shiver, then I quiver

filter the seas and make salt-free

why don’t you quieten sea tide, and

make stagnant waters flow over bank

The mountains let them skip

The rainfall sing, sunshine shed tears

Why not paint me with the moon,

And tie me round with the wind?

The blue sky, the day, and the night?

Think ‘bout all these

You know WHAT?


2 thoughts on “What can you do?

  1. Beautiful words and a beautiful image provide food for thought. We are not so important as we like to believe ourselves to be in the scheme of things.
    I’m still weird and wide, but I’m too tired and in too much pain to be terribly wild any more!
    I’m visiting from the NaPoWriMo list. My team’s poetry blog is at Poetry of the Netherworld.


    • A nice blog you got there, and really inspiring work. Wish you a whole lot more strength and zeal to do all that you’ve always wanted to do. Sorry I’m responding to your comment so late. Sometimes we are too weak to pick up the granules of courage surrounding us and that’s why I’m not doing too well with my blog.


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