Achieve your goals by staying focused

At different times in life, there will be goals you want to work on and achieve. These may be in form of physical projects you want to embark upon or other financial goals. Setting goals do not only keep your body and mind active, it gives you a purpose to live for. Having different goals to work on enables you to live a life rid of boredom and frustration and gives you the opportunity to discover and make the best use of your potentials. No doubt setting goals may be quite challenging, but such challenges will help you grow and be who you want to be eventually. While it is quite easy for some people to come clear with their goals, others find it quite difficult to identify what their goals are, which makes it a lot difficult to solve problems they may face. Getting professionals to help you with identifying and setting your goals will definitely be worthwhile. If you are fortunate enough to clearly identify your goals at different times and different stages of your life, you then may have proved that you know what you want and also perhaps, know ways of achieving it. Your inability to deal adequately well with goal setting and achievement explains why as many people as cannot be accounted for, fall among those who constantly see themselves as not being able to achieve goals they have set for themselves. So, do not blame yourself for this short fall. All you need is a helping hand. However, once you have been able to set your goals, you must ensure to handle the processes responsibly in order to achieve success. How then do you remain focused and eventually become successful with your goals? How do you avoid falling by the wayside and throwing it all in the wind?

There are really no hard and fast rules as to how you can remain focused and eventually achieve what you have set out to achieve. All you need basically is the right attitude, the right approach and the right mindset.

Here are some tips for you to consider in helping you stay focused and on track, to achieve your goals.


Prioritize your goals: You may have one huge goal or several huge goals you want to accomplish at different times or at a particular time. To make your goals effective and achievable, you must learn to prioritize your goals. If you have one big goal you want to accomplish, for example you want to start your own business; break this goal into bits and pieces, and begin tackling them one goal at a time. Once accomplished, you can then move to the next level.

When you want to achieve a huge goal without breaking it down, you may stretch yourself too thin, resulting in less efficiency and probably not achieving anything. So, what you do is, prioritize your goals in order of importance and then pick the most important goals; say 1-3 most important goals to start with. Do not embark on other goals if you do not complete these ones.

For example, you have about 6-7 goals to accomplish and you list them:

  • Get a shop/office
  • Buy some equipment
  • Begin some marketing campaigns
  • Build your website
  • Learn more about your business and how to succeed
  • Put money aside for back ups
  • Get a new car for the business


Pick the most important from the list and work on them in order of importance.


Create a vision Board: The essence of you creating a vision board is to remind you every day of the goals you have set for yourself, so that you do not forget or lose focus or concentration. It helps you visualize your goals and the results you aim to achieve clearly, which inevitably inspires you to take consistent action. What is a vision board? It’s a collage of pictures and images that represent your goals and dreams. Vision board reinforces your goals to you and reminds you to take action progressively.

Ensure your drive/motivation is strong enough: Whatever goal you set must have the strength and huge motivation to keep you going no matter what. It is only then that you will be able to face challenges that come with achieving your goal and overcome these challenges. Without a strong drive for your goal, your tendency of falling by the wayside and not achieving what you desire is quite high. Have you ever asked yourself why you want to become an entrepreneur? (For example). Are you convinced of the reasons you truly want to own and start your business. Is that purpose strong enough to keep you going, etc?

Master your skills: Obviously, great things start from small beginnings and acquiring knowledge and seeking to be better at what you do should be a lifelong thing. It may take some time for you to master all the skills required to be a guru in your chosen business, but ensure that you make all efforts necessary to improve your performance and quality of service. You must always aim to be a master at what you do and be willing to share knowledge with others.


Tackle your limiting beliefs: Often, I hear clients, say, “I doubt if I will be able to make it because I don’t see myself a very good business person, nobody ever did this and succeeded in my family.” These messages are sent to your unconscious mind which begins to respond and act upon the messages and symbols you sent across, distributing the kind of energy you have transmitted from your conscious mind. So, when you believe you cannot make it as a business person, for example, the response you will begin to get will be that of someone who cannot actually make it as a business person no matter what you do, because you have pre conceived it in your inner self that you cannot succeed in what you are doing. So, if you have any negative or limiting beliefs whatsoever find ways to work on them eradicate such and free yourself. Take advantage of the opportunities you have and make the use of your potentials.

Break barriers: Identify any obstacles/barriers and find ways to break them- Barriers could be inform of time, I hear people say “I’ve not been able to do… because I haven’t got time, money, support, family, etc. Whatever the barriers are, seek help and ensure you step above such. It’s a thing to do with determination and commitment.



Network and surround yourself with like -minded people: Find knowledge, friendship, interactions and support to help you build a strong base for your goals. Find ways of meeting like minded people to discuss, and explore new ideas and ways of doing things. For example, read about the latest trends around the type of goal you are embarking upon, or in your chosen business field; attend seminars, related groups or clubs, and workshops and engage in other things that could help you grow your interests.

Secondly, surround yourself with people who will encourage and help you accomplish your goals and also give you honest and constructive criticisms as well as challenge you towards achieving your goals.



Keep a progress record sheet – The importance of tracking results and achievements is to enable you to measure how well you have performed within a period of time. It helps you identify your performance metrics, and guide you as to where you need to improve or where you added value. You could keep a daily journal of your efforts and achievement, this way you will ensure taking actions and improving on your outcomes. These days, there are so many ways of analysing the progress you make, which I will be writing about in another post.


Celebrate achievements: One important reason you need the progress record sheet is for you to identify every success or achievement you’ve made at different stages and then celebrate those achievements. As you reach a height, give yourself a treat, pause, feel the accomplishment and enjoy the pleasure that comes with your success before moving on. No success is too little to be celebrated. As you savour the joy of your accomplishments you will believe more in yourself, your confidence will be strengthened and your optimism will soar.

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